About Us

Wafrah for Industry & Development was established as Saudi Joint Stock Company in 1989 with fully paid capital of SR 200 million. Wafrah for Industry & Development owns & operates four modern & technically advanced factories that produce a wide variety of high quality food products serving the needs & tastes of consumers in Saudi & in international markets. Wafrah for Industry & Development offers the unique ability to utilize its vast manufacturing resources & skills in producing private label brands for different leading customers both, locally and regionally. Wafrah for Industry & Development product list include pasta products, frozen, chilled, and cooked meat products, frozen French fries products, peanut products & breakfast cereals. Wafrah for Industry & Development owns & markets several leading brands such as Wafrah, Macolate, Caprini, Saudi Garden & Aghsan. These brands enjoy a leading share of their respective markets. Wafrah for Industry & Development is proud to have been accredited through the receipt of several main quality control certificates As per the new developments in this area all the above certificates are now grouped in two, namely: ISO 9001 for the year 2000 ISO 22000 certified .

Company Vision:

To provide distinguished high quality products preferred by consumers

Company Mission:


Providing healthy food products of high quality through commitment to applying international quality

standards, and adopting developed industrial technologies that meet environment requirements, banking

on team work which achieves excellence in optimum investing for available resources and satisfaction

of shareholders, customers and workers.


Company Fundamental Values :


  • Efficiency: Workers performance to be efficient and professional in all stages of administrative
  • process with focusing on performance with high efficiency in marketing , distribution , sales and
  • dealing with customers.
  • Quality: Focusing on product quality being looked at by workers and customers as high quality with
  • international specifications and standards.
  • Reputation: Focusing on the company reputation in all aspect, so that the customer and consumer
  • impression appreciate quality, excellence, commitment to high standard in sales, marketing and exports.



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